About me

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!

My name is Natasha and I want to apologize in advance for mistakes I make blogging in English since it is my second language and always will be.

Originally, I came from Russia in 2004, where I graduated University with an engineering master’s degree and was working as railroad engineer-mechanic.

When I moved to USA I had to start my life all over again! I love challenges and this one was the hardest one yet (except birthing my daughter 25 years ago), but I made through it and life never stops keeping me busy!

I enjoy so many things in life such as gardening, designing and home making, reading, traveling, meeting new people and being a new grandma! Even though I don’t feel like a grandma yet, I absolutely love spending time with my grandson Lucas! He inspires me in so many ways and reminds me the feeling of being a mom all over again!

One of my biggest passions, besides everything I listed above has always been COOKING! I’ve been cooking and collecting recipes ever since I can remember myself!  I cook every day and never get bored of it; it’s like an art to me! I love EASY recipes and I know you can make wonderful meals for your family even if cooking has never been your thing! That’s why I decided to share some of my knowledge and passion by creating a blog, and proving anybody who thinks they can’t cook WRONG!

I love your tips! Share and comment, I want to know your secrets! ...:-)

Thank you!

P.S. As I said, I have some recipes that I’ve known for decades; every recipe I find - I work with, changes it, improve it to my taste. If you happen to find same recipes somewhere else feel free sharing it with me I will gladly put a reference to it.
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