Baked Nectarines With Raisins

Last weekend my girlfriends and I went to visit one of our girls and did a little cook out. I've baked my favorite puff pastry shells and filled them up with lemon curd and fresh strawberry. My friend Zeena baked nectarines and I really like them. So, I decided to make them at home and my family liked them too. Now it is your turn to try...:-)

Recipe by Natasha
5 stars
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 40 minutes
Total time: 50 minutes
Yield: 5
Calories per serving: 163
Fat per serving:0.9 g (without cool whip or ice cream)


5 nectarines
2 tablespoons brown sugar
4 tablespoons raisins
5 tablespoons cool whip or ice cream (optional)
1/4 cup simple syrup
    Cooking Directions

    Preheat the oven to 375 F. Cut nectarines into half, remove the seed. Scoop out some of the fruit to make more room for the filling.

    Put 1/2 tablespoon of brown sugar and 1/2 tablespoon of raisins into the cavities.

    Place nectarine halves in a baking dish.
    Pour 1/4 cup of simple syrup into the bottom of the dish and bake for about 40 minutes, until the nectarines are cooked through.

    Optional: Top with cool whip or ice cream

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